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Riding Lawn Mower

The city life is far too crazy and noisy. So you traded the concrete and steel for a beautiful home! One that looks out from your deck, seated on your own personal slice of nature. Only trouble is, that slice of nature needs upkeep. Namely, those 4 acres aren’t going to mow themselves. Choose from products with a large deck, steering with an amazing radius, mulching kit, free warranty, and easy to keep up. You may need to get equipped with a system with a carefully chosen design. One that gives you the engine power you need, and saves you the hassle of pushing from behind.

Riding lawn mowers are designed with high maneuverability in mind. They have a wide cutting deck for cutting through your lawn in as few passes as possible. Ideal for those that have uniquely shaped yards that take a lot of time to mow! The Mow Dojo will arm you with the most knowledge possible for selecting a lawn mower product for cutting grass.

We have put together a simple system to help you get acquainted with the many features of a lawn tractor. Most mowers these days have a wide cutting deck, engine with ample power, and are equipped for cutting all types of grass. Whether you’re Hank the mower, John the edger, or your lawn is 4 acres or 1! See our buying guide on the best riding lawn mowers, zero turn mowers, and cutting products. With our help and product expertise, you will be one step closer to becoming a true master in the art of cutting.

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What are the top 10 riding lawn mowers?

The right tractor for your yard may mean huge savings in time on your weekends, and dare we say — a lot of fun for you! The more power in the engine of your mower product, the more fun you’ll have when cutting your lawn. As your experts, we aim to help you decide which riding mower or lawn tractor is the right one for you. Looking for something specific, like the toro Honda lawn mower? Or do you want to explore all the different types of riding mowers first? You may need to look at our best riding lawn mower guide for 2023 to get started.

What Our Readers Say

I do my best to help my readers find the perfect riding lawn mower for their needs. Hear what some of our satisfied readers have to say!

Buying a riding lawn mower for our new house was a daunting task, but The Mow Dojo helped us choose the perfect mower for our acreage! And it saves so much time.
Nadine Berger
Product Developer
When it was obvious that my push mower wasn't going to cut it anymore, I decided to go down to Lowe's. They weren't helpful in answering my questions at all, but the Mow Dojo saved the day and helped me find the perfect mower!
Pascal Haas
I have been loving my Husqvarana lawn tractor every since I bought it, and I owe it to the Mow Dojo for introducing it to me. This blog is super helpful.
Robert Berger
Public Speaker
I had lots of questions when I was looking for a mower!! But the Mow Dojo helped me get an answer to each and every one of them, even with full video content! I've even had my parents pick up a riding lawn mower too since they're getting a bit older and don't want to be spending so much time mowing their lawn!
Carmen Haas

Engine Power in your Lawn Tractor Product

Lawn tractors differ slightly from a riding mower due to the cutting deck being positioned in the middle of the machine. The cutting deck is the part of the mower that determines how wide the cutting of your grass will be in one swath. Typically a lawn mower with more power in the engine will also have a wider cutting deck, but this is not the case for all products.

A sturdy lawn tractor is one that has engine power in the system that rates somewhere between 12.5 and 20.0 HP. You typically do not need more power in your engine for cutting grass, unless you plan on mowing a golf course (or entering your lawn tractor into a demolition derby). The Mow Master will teach you the core differences! He will help you figure out which one is the ideal machine to help you tame your landscape.

What is the best cheapest riding lawn mower?

A cheap rider mower is a product that we often get inquiries on. You may not believe it, but a ride on mower that is lower in price may be all that you need. Often, mowing products that are more expensive have a lot more power in their engine. In fact, it may be more power than what your grass may really need. Perhaps you may be looking for a riding mower product that’s perfect for a small yard? One that gives you the added bonus of never having to break a sweat while mowing again? If that’s the case, then you can read more about the market’s best inexpensive riding mower here.

One difference between a riding mower and lawn tractor is the presence of a hydrostatic transmission. As it turns out, not every lawn tractor comes equipped with one. It may be the most important feature to look for in your mowing product, even beyond the size of the cutting deck or the power of the engine. A hydrostatic transmission is a transmission that gives you much more control and power over the mowing system. Mowers without a hydrostatic transmission usually have more issues with variable speed, and end up lugging or moving sluggishly.

Even if your engine has ample power, the transmission can make all of the difference in your tractor. Not to mention they’re quiet, clean, and genuinely fun to ride! They also don’t leave behind nearly the same level of carbon footprint that lawn tractor products without them do, and can cut through high grass like nobody’s business.

What is the best brand of riding lawn mower?

John Deere riding mowers are common to select from when they have made up their mind to find a new mower that offers the features they need. Most John Deere products have excellent power! They also have a wide blade, height in their lift, and a comfortable seat and back rest. They’re also usually the first thing that people picture when they think of a mower. While they make some great ride-on mowers, are they truly the very best? The Mow Master will help you see if a John Deere riding mower product fits the bill for your yard. In doing so, you will be free to enjoy more of the view from your deck, not sweating over your lawn. Once you use a product with a wide deck to mow your grass, you can be sure that your life will change forever!

Bring The Beauty of Nature Into Your Lovely Home

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