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Best Zero Turn Mower in 2021

Call it a necessity of the modern man, but there is something so intrinsically personal & spiritual about the idea of having a well-kept lawn. Maybe it’s the sort of harmony that comes with finding a slot for yourself in the grander design of the earth, or maybe it’s the soothing effects of cool air and the flow of green — whatever the reasoning may be, the simple act of chopping grass to a fault certainly conjures celestial thoughts.

But with any good comes work, and with evolving technology comes the promise that we can minimize the work it takes to keep a sprawling lawn. Best Zero turn mowers are designed to do just that: deliver the good that is a perfectly cut lawn in as little time as possible.

4 Best Zero Turn Mower in 2021

Zero-turn mowers are highly acclaimed machines with exemplary features that keep grass devouring areas even and tidy. Its dynamic design allows the machine to pivot a full 180 degrees, allowing the operator to mow down one half of the lawn and then complete the other—a physical impossibility for any other type of riding mower. Boasting enhanced speed, maneuverability, and power, zero-turn mowers come in distinct models and overall designs, as well as the variable ability to be customized to the preferential needs of the user.

With so many brands and models to pick from, it often seems an overwhelming task to narrow down the list and identify a model that will serve your preferences without compromise.

Realizing this difficulty, we have identified and reviewed the best zero-turn mowers for 2021, detailing every aspect, feature, and characteristic, so that you may make an informed choice with the confidence that you’re getting the best possible model for your particular needs.

The John Deere Z435R is among the most exceptional zero-turn riding mowers with a rugged design and supreme versatility. Its status as one of the most proficient units even established itself in the hearts of its most demanding users. Powered by a heavy-duty 22-HP V-twin engine and equipped with dual EZT transmissions with steering wheel controls, adjustable backrests, armrests, and even a pair of cupholders, this zero-turn mower surpasses all expectations and makes mowing a more comfortable, convenient, and hassle-free task. Often less than any other type of mower, zero turns are dedicated to flat surfaces and estates. They have little use for inclines and slopes as the name “zero turns” suggests. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to the rule, and John Deere Z435R offers such an exception as it is perfectly capable of tackling hills with no apparent difficulties.

John Deere Z435R ‘s 42-inch floating deck overcomes this type of obstacle while plowing through dense grass. Therefore, if you got in your summer mood in winter and feel like doing some greening up, this machine will be a great choice! John Deere stays true to its slogan “Nothing Runs Like a Deere” by delivering an excellent machine that’s made for outstanding performance and long life, boasting endurance to last for many years without problems. This prodigious mower offers excellent technology for an amazing user experience from every possible perspective, one of which is outstanding comfort. Zero turns can be a bit tiring, but this unit comes with an adjustable padded seat and steering wheel, allowing you to lean back, adjust the height and relax while mowing the lawn. Even with heavy use, the machine’s preventive-maintenance-friendly design will ensure its functionality. Thanks to the easy-to-reach oil drain and gas cap, you’ll get better and more convenient access to both. And despite all its remarkable features, this machine is rather affordable.



  1. 42” floating deck.
  2. Comfortable sitting.
  3. Easy access to the motor.
  4. Reliable for longer mowing jobs.
  1. A bit pricy!

Obstacles like flower beds, rocks, gardens, and trees are common when mowing a massive plot of land; consequently, it is a wise decision to invest in a zero-turn lawn mower model. Quickly answering your riddle, the pragmatic and powerful Ariens 52-Inch Ikon X zero turn mower promises unrivaled exceptional cutting performance, agility, and added comfort. Now no more running behind, bending down, or damaging your knees — you won’t ever need to hand push your mower again.

Ariens 52-Inch Ikon X mower yokes legendary reliability and high-torque performance of a Kawasaki engine with a durable fabricated steel deck and smooth Hydrogear EZT transmission, bringing the best of two worlds into this fun-to-operate and well-balanced mower. When using Ariens 52-Inch Ikon X mower, one will have the option of choosing from up to 13 cutting positions, namely 1 ½” to 4 ½”. This is made possible through a simple turn of a dial, which allows the user to adjust the height of the mower deck by ¼” increments. This allows you to pick the ideal height for the welfare of plants and the ease of mowing, something that is particularly useful for homeowners mowing on their large residential properties. And even when cutting the lawn is one of the least favorite tasks on everybody’s weekly list of stuff to do, it’s still occasionally got to be done. Think about it; your lawn makes your property look clean and tidy. So, if you value aesthetics and convenience and would like to turn the chore of a lawn mowing into a pleasant experience, and that’s where the best zero turn mower can help. Ariens 52″ Ikon X mower is one of the best products in this niche, featuring a plush, ergonomic, adjustable high-back seat together with armrests that let you strengthen your ergonomics in the manner that suits you best. Ruling out the discomfort and potential backache, this mower meets the highest standards of comfort and is more than capable of taking on the most difficult lawns with ease.

Overall, Ariens 52″ Ikon X mower enriches anyone’s life that puts it to work and is a great choice for the urbanites with large lots and a need for comfort and flexibility in their lawnmower. It’s highly practical and features smooth handling, powerful and durable construction, and plenty of cutting power that combines to produce exceptional results.



  1. 52” floating deck.
  2. Great ergonomics.
  3. 13 cutting positions.
  4. Reliable build quality.
  1. Not so powerful motor.

If you are looking for a zero turn mower for your next mowing expedition, be it an adjustment to your estate or to help make your current bedding orders smoother, look no further than the excellent Z254 by Husqvarna. This zero-turn model is a must-have for all the estate, park, and garden owners that are looking for a versatile and reliable mower to their arsenal. This model is powered by a Kawasaki 21.5HP motor, making it the most powerful model of the series.

With the Z254 Zero-Turn model of Husqvarna, the cutting deck is positioned under the rider, in the center. The positioning of the cutting deck allows for swift turns on a dime, being able to cover big areas due to its easy-going nature. Additionally, Husqvarna’s Kawasaki engine features Air-Induction Mowing Technology, which lifts the grass, providing the rider with smooth mowing and uniform top cuts. To ensure efficient operation of the powerhead, the more fuel-conserving and reliable onboard cooling fan is installed in the design. The extra-size cooling fan provided in the design assists the motor to operate smoothly during prolonged mowing at different speed ranges. On top of that, both the cooling fan and the air induction system support to deliver the powerful power of the engine to lift the blades, ensuring faster cutting times. HZ254 is ergonomically designed for increased comfort and better performance. The conveniently positioned handles coupled with padded seat for additional comfort ensure high productivity. The sitting position itself encourages you to bend your knees deeper, making it easier to mow even in challenging areas. In Z254, all of the handles and levers (gear, engine brake, deck height adjust, cruise control, etc.) are perfectly placed on both sides of the seat. Also, there is plenty of legroom to step or slide inside the bay. The front contains a rubberized stud, called a traction pad, to prevent slipping while getting on or off the mower.

Overall, Husqvarna Z254 is a versatile and efficient zero turn mower combining exceptional engineering with invaluable features. As one of the best riding lawn mowers, it is a great choice for the most challenging gardening jobs, especially for mowing over the moderately sized rough terrain. With its powerful engine and reliable construction, this unit offers dependable performance and years of durability.



  1. Designed for enhanced productivity.
  2. Sufficient legroom for a comfortable mowing experience.
  3. Good for 4-acres of land.
  1. Costly

For over 10 years, the Husqvarna MZ61 is praised by homeowners and professional landscapers, both as being the most powerful mower in the Husqvarna product portfolio and the ideal commercial choice for its ruggedness and outstanding performance. Aesthetically, too, the Husqvarna product range boasts virtually the industry’s best mowing machines, whether in terms of refined cutting decks or designs, which adds further comfort to mundane mowing tasks such as fine lawn finishing, mowing around shrubs, and edging. Specifically built to maximize agility and maneuverability, the machine rides on spacious decks that can smartly cut and finish lawns at home as well as in challenging areas at public spaces or local parks. Assisted by axial flow designed zero-turn, after-mount brake, and the spacious rear-mounted, adjustable castor wheel, the mower is in a class of its own, equipped to perform better than the rest of the same brand when it comes to finishing lawns.

The Husqvarna MZ61 is an upgrade package that’s equipped with a more powerful engine than the previous model. The 27-hp engine can be found mounted on the unit’s pusher assembly, making for a less clunky appearance. The cutting deck of this Husqvarna model measures 61 inches in width, which makes it the most spacious of all zero turn lawn mowers out there. With a high-powered induction cooled motor that is kept performant by an oversized cooling fan, you are guaranteed hassle-free operation even when your cuts last a long while.

The MZ61 features a well-laid out cutting deck with a mid-range cutting height, ensuring you get a fast and effective turn whenever needed. Further, you get the S-Rider 9-bushel triple collection bag that conveniently captures your clippings and grants you the possibility to add them to your compost heap. The motor is sheltered underneath the seat, and you can lift the seat for easy engine access. This also gives you an easy time to check your oil. Further, the large tractor-style rear wheel arches conceal well-air-inflated beavertail synthetic rubber tires. With all the new treads on the unit, you’re sure to tackle even the toughest climbing hills and wet grass at high speed.

Overall, with its class-leading performance coupled with hassle-free maintenance, the Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn 54in Riding Mower has become one of the top contenders for the best zero turn mower in the industry. MZ61 aced all tests in terms of performance, maneuverability, and comfort with its well-made handlebars, padded seat, and very good stability. Add the practical 11-gauge steel cutting deck, and the Husqvarna MZ61 presents a unit that delivers excellent results at a reasonable price.



  1. Powerful 27-HP motor.
  2. Comes included with a 9-bushel collection bag.
  3. 11-gauge steel cutting deck.
  4. Comfortable design and superior build quality.
  1. Maybe a little oversized for some property.

What Is the Best Zero Turn Mower for the Price?

John Deere Z435R is the best overall zero turn mower on the market, offering a sturdy build, spacious deck, and 22HP engine. It has advanced controls and an adjustable seat to offer a perfect mowing experience for all types of lawn areas. There are a few accessories that you can purchase from the manufacturer and personalize this mower for your needs. Also, for anyone looking for a non-gasoline alternative, be sure to consider the best electric riding lawn mower as well.

What Is the Best Zero Turn Mower Under $5000?

Husqvarna MZ61 61″ mover with its powerful 27-HP engine, sits at the top when it comes to power, all rounded zero turn mowers, followed by the Ariens 52-Inch Ikon X. MZ61 brings you some of the most advanced features you should find in zero turn mowers such as performance, comfort, and convenience. Its 61 inches wide deck and 26-inch center height makes a mid-range cut and leaves satisfying results in typical lawn mowing. Sporting an outstanding intuitive smart steering designed for zero turns, the unit offers smooth control and an effortless mowing experience.

Is a Zero Turn Worth the Money?

Beginning at approximately $2,500, zero-turn mowers are certainly among the most expensive types of lawnmowers you can buy. However, if your yard spans more than half an acre of land, and you have lots of trees or flowers that you need to mow around, a zero-turn mower could potentially save you a lot of time and effort.