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Tree Trimming Everett WA | Brighten Up Your Backyard

Do you have dead or damaged tree branches in your backyard? Then it may be time to take advantage of our expert tree trimming service in Everett!

Our Large & Small Tree Pruning Services In Everett

It doesn’t matter if you have small or large trees in your backyard. Our team knows how to trim both types. With larger trees in your garden, it’s going to be a bigger job. In turn, this equals more money.

However, we also look at the amount of work required. If you have a larger tree with only a few branches that need to be removed, it may be less expensive than a smaller tree with lots of damaged branches.

If you want some more advice on our tree trimming service in Everett, you can call us for a FREE quote!

man trimming the branches of a small tree

Benefits Of Tree Pruning Everett

The main benefit to getting your trees pruned (trimmed) is that the branches are no longer dangerous. When you have damaged branches, there is a chance they could fall off. This may cause serious injury or damage your property.

Many people also use our tree trimming services to allow more sunlight to enter. There’s nothing that blocks sunlight as much as a large tree.

Finally, pruning helps maintain tree health. When you remove dead branches, it stops disease from spreading. That means you won’t have to get the branches trimmed so often, saving you money.

The Benefits Of Hiring Us...

Are you still in two minds about hiring us? Here are some reasons to bite the bullet and call us for a FREE quote.


Hire our tree trimming experts to reduce stress and save time.

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Unsure whether you need tree trimming? Speak to our experts! We can help.

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We’re fully insured, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

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We Also Offer Hedge Trimming In Everett

Dead tree branches may go unnoticed. But overgrown hedges – not so much. Not only do overgrown hedges look terrible, but they also block out sunlight. And if you’re anything like us, relaxing in the Summer Sun is what it’s all about, right!?

In addition, letting your hedges become overgrown can  cause lawn diseases to spread. If this happens, you will need to pay more money for treatment. So why not get regular hedge pruning to prevent this from happening?

man trimming hedges with a chainsaw

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