The vocabulary of mowers isn’t particularly hard to grasp, but there definitely can be a lot more to it than folks normally realize.

There are some key differences in the different options for mowers out there. Here are some of the major categories of mowers.

Riding Lawn Mower

As you can tell, the Mow Master definitely has his favorite style of lawn mower.

Riding lawn mowers can get the job done for you in record time, and provide a comfortable mowing experience.

The best riding lawn mowers are the ones that prove their value by requiring little to no maintenance or replacement over their life of service.

John Deere Riding Mowers

Within the riding lawn mower category, John Deere riding mowers may be the most notorious or famous.

Although that green and yellow signature look will no doubt turn heads on your neighborhood block, do remember that there are plenty of other excellent brands as well, such as…

  • Husqvarna
  • Cub Cadet
  • Craftsman
  • Poulan

Electric Lawn Mower

An electric lawn mower comes in two different varieties.

A corded electric lawn mower will draw its power from an electrical outlet during the mow. You could think of it like a vacuum cleaner for your yard!

Cordless electric mowers are operated by an onboard battery, making them much more convenient to operate, but still requiring a charge.

If you’re in the market for an electric lawn mower but worried about accidentally mowing over your own cord, you may want to opt for the battery operated mower.

Push Lawn Mower

Ah the push lawn mower sure reminds the Mow Master of a simpler day.

This is probably the type of mower that your grandparents had. It is without the speed and power of a traditional gas or electric powered mower, but it certainly will give you a workout!

They’re also quite affordable, at around $50-$100 on average. The Mow master only recommends these types of mowers if you have a small yard that requires infrequent mowing.

But if you do take this out for a spin in your 3 acre yard… please let us know. We may need to send help for you.

Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

Walk behind lawn mowers are aptly named… you walk behind them. I mean, would you rather walk in front of it and pull it? Seems risky.

This is what the Mow Master grew up with himself, working the choke and pull-to-start gas mower from Honda that his father had.

Walk behind lawn mowers are a step up from the push mower in that you have some gasoline power to assist you in the mow. However, they’re still without the luxury and fortitude that a riding lawn mower packs.

Lawn Tractor

There is, in fact, a difference between a lawn tractor and a riding lawn mower.

This key difference is determined by where the cutting decks lies on the lawn mower. Lawn tractors have a cutting blade in the middle of the deck, while riding lawn mowers have their spinning blades in the front of the mower. Some may also have foam filled tires.

Both could be classified as “riding lawn mowers,” although the lawn tractor is typically what people picture in their minds when thinking of a mower that you are able to ride on top of.

John Deere Lawn Tractor

Once again, we must mention the late and great John Deere.

Many people picture a literal John Deere tractor when they think of riding lawn mowers and lawn tractors, so we think that it’s worth mentioning they do a great job in their manufacturing.

Zero Turn Mowers

A zero-turn riding lawn mower, or a z-turn as the Mow Master calls it, is a mower that can turn on something even less than a dime.

Its turning radius is nearly zero.

There are different models and brands out there that are able to accomplish this in one way or another, but typically it is made possible through hydraulic speed control of each individual drive wheel.

There are versions of zero turn mowers for both commercial usage and for homeowners, each with their own varying degree of engine power or cutting deck size.

They typically go faster and cost more than your standard fair conventional riding mower.

John Deere Zero Turn Mowers

Once again, your good friends at John Deere have you covered with a John Deere Zero Turn Mower. If you have numerous obstacles and stumps around your yard, it’s a great option for getting the job done smoothly.

Battery Powered Lawn Mower

As mentioned above in electric lawn mowers, the battery powered lawn mower is like a hand-vac for your yard.

You’ll want to make sure that you keep it charged up, but it’s a great alternative for those who are conscious of their mower’s emissions.

If you want a clean, renewable energy source powering your mow, go for one of these.