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Best Electric Riding Lawn Mower [Top 3 Reviews and Guide]

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If you go through the best electric riding lawn mower reviews, you will find yourself confused with so many specifications, configuration requirements. Here in this article, I have tried to break down the necessary details with a simple, comprehensive description for you to understand easily. The best electric riding mower offers you an incredible amount of power, smooth cutting operation on different terrains with less vibration.

You can go for the ones with easy rechargeable batteries and with the cordless ones. If you opt for a battery-powered lawn mower, it is best to check the battery quality, lifetime, power, drainage, etc. How long your lawn mower will serve you depends on your maintenance as well. Though electric riding lawn mowers require a very minimal level of maintenance, you need to check the battery condition, wheel condition, inside clearance, etc.

What is the best electric riding lawn mower is one of the most frequently asked questions of the customers when they start going through the different electric riding mower details? It depends on the choice you are making according to your mowing requirements. If you have a large space of yard, but you choose one with a small mowing capacity, it is not going to work for you. That is why it is very crucial to find one fitted rightly according to your requirements.

Electric Riding Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Our electric riding mower buying guide starts you off with the most important factors to consider in your electric riding mower purchase.

1. Power source

The working power capacity depends on many factors, how efficiently, how fast the electric riding mower is going to work. The powerful battery built into lawn mowers can efficiently gauge a significant amount of grass at standard height in a short time.

2. Deck size

For the ones with a small lawn, they can get the smaller deck and blade size in their mowers, which are mostly practical landscaping tasks. The larger models are usually chosen for the wide-area mowing coverage at a bit higher length. It saves time of mowing, cutting the grass to a precise length to a great extent.

3. Runtime

The runtime of the lawn mower is very important as it is shown how much you can cut at a certain amount. Or if we say it easily how much work you can get in a single charge. How long you can use the lawn mower to cover a certain amount of area pretty crucial. After you measure a standard height length cutting for a specific amount of area, you can calculate how much mowing task you can get done within one charge of the electric riding mower.

4. Cut Quality

The cutting quality depends on mainly three factors:

The evenness of the cutting area the electric mower covering. How far the blade is cutting the grass in which length also defines the evenness of the lawn mowers. Bagging efficiency detects how much amount of grass the electric riding lawn mower is leaving behind in comparison to the cutting amount of grass in the bag. The more the bag efficiency is devised for the electric lawn mower, the less amount of half-cut grass is left behind. Mulching efficiency defines the accuracy of the cutting of the lawn mower. You won’t require to clip or trail the grass on repeat with the proper powered one to get the desired finishing of your yard.

5. Noise Level

Extreme noise of the lawn mower can affect a lot on the hearing of the rider and also on the people around the place. The electric lawn mowers are usually less loud compared to the gas-fueled lawn mowers. But it is suggested to use hearing protection while operating the lawn mower

6. Charge Time

The less interval you will have during the charging interval, the faster you can get your mowing task done efficiently within a fixed amount of time.

7. Speed

The faster the speed will be for mowing the lawn, the easier it will be to get your work done within the shortest possible time. But the problem is usually lawns, and yards tend to be a bit sloppy, different types of grounds, the different proportion of grass in different areas. Electric riding lawn mowers tend to cut unevenly on different terrains.

If the surface is not flat and smooth, it might get stuck, not cut faster than it is supposed to be. Moreover, some of the faster mowers drain batteries faster. You will have to be careful about that too. How fast the batteries are draining in proportion to the speed also refers to the lifetime of the battery.

Benefits of Electric Riding Lawn Mowers

Electric riding lawn mowers are full of benefits to their owners, as well as the environment.

1. Less yearly maintenance costs

Electric gadgets usually require lots of effort and maintenance expenditure to keep it going. But in electric riding mowers, you don’t have to be worried about frequent oil filtration, changing oil, batteries, air filters, etc., at all. If the blades don’t cut efficiently after frequent use, you can change or sharpen the blade to perform better. It would be best if you also keep in check the tire pressure of the mower.

3. Less expensive to own

An electric mower requires less maintenance effort, easy charge up, change of batteries after certain years, etc. But you have to spend on frequently if you opt for a gas-filled riding mower. The battery-powered riding mowers are designed for lasting long years with great precision and efficient cutting quality with better noise reduction control.

2. Less expensive to operate

An electric riding mower relieves you from buying a gas can, going to the gas station in the middle of the mowing for refill. Electric mowers consume a small amount of electricity to be fully charged.

4. Quieter Than Gas Mowers

As I already have mentioned how the electric riding mowers make less noise compared to the gas mowers. You can effortlessly mow on your lawn at any time without disrupting the people around you.

5. Zero Emissions

The best electric riding mower manufactures ensure zero exhaustion, unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide from the mower.

Best Electric Riding Lawn Mower – Top 3 Product Reviews

The below are the best options for those who are evaluating the best electric riding lawn mower.


This product comes with all the pieces and proper manual instruction for easy and quick assembling. It takes almost forty minutes to assemble the pieces and attach the cable of the batteries to connect and charge, then it is all good to operate.

It is designed with refurbishing quality to ensure excellent functionality testing, standard cleaning, repackaging, and inspection features.


  • Great power
  • Incredible cutting precision.
  • Fast auto transmission mowing.
  • Refurbishing quality.
  • Easy manual instruction
  • Quick assembling
  • Full package with all the parts and accessories.


  • Noise creation while turning the mower.
  • Rough ride on the unsmooth terrain.


This great lawn mower is designed to deliver incredible value and reliability. It is well built with sturdy quality material for a wide coverage area of mowing. It consumes less amount of power to drive the mower and delivers outstanding ability to cut the grass. It features pedal designed auto transmission for better mowing speed. Manufacturers have designed it with a powerful and smooth engine motor. It also comes with incredible noise and vibration reduction feature for smooth lawn mowing operation.

It is significantly easier and convenient to operate with minimal fuel consumption quality. Unlike other vehicles, it automatically starts without any vibration and lengthy choking while grass cutting. You can use different accessories for better and variant mowing performance of the mower. This lawn mower offers versatility by attaching various additional accessories with it. 

You can install the accessories on the trailers, brushes, snow blades according to the idea fitting. It delivers a great and precise grass cutting with incredible air induction mowing technique.


  • Built with sturdy quality material.
  • Reliable
  • Ease of use
  • Great value for money.
  • Great engine power.
  • Superior cut with the air induction mowing technology.
  • Efficient riding and mowing on rough terrains.
  • Smooth start without choking.
  • Reduces noise and vibration.
  • Versatile use of accessories for better performance.


  • Difficulty in transmission.
  • Rear turning mowing limitation.
  • Does not function well on rough terrains like hilly tracks.


Husqvarna’s lawn mowers are built to deliver excellent quality performance and service in an accurate and precise grass cutting experience for the users. It features fender-mounted adjustability for the desired cutting height with easy maneuver and controlling quality. The tractor is built with a simple configuration in a convenient size for comfortable maneuver quality. Its suitable size makes it easier to fit in smaller places.

It offers the users flexibility to adjust the seat to their convenience. The convenient ergonomic steering wheels allow easier and effortless operation of the mower. You can also easily adjust the speed and direction of the mower with the hydrostatic transmission. Unlike other mowers, it offers efficient and smooth riding on both forward and backward positions for a better and improved cut. It is built is incredible air induction mowing technology that provides the precise and accurate length of cutting each time without any change while clearing the inside deck with proper airflow.

You can attach different types of towable mulching kits and accessories for additional lawn mowing and fertilization.


  • Incredible engine performance.
  • Efficient change of direction with foot pedal hydrostatic transmission.
  • Better driving control while mowing.
  • Better navigation in tighter spaces around obstacles.
  • The adjustability of the seat.
  • Designed with ergonomic steering wheel for convenient and easier maneuver.
  • Dual-anti scalp wheel for efficient cutting style with precision.
  • Reinforced cutting deck specification with air induction mowing technology.
  • Easy turn switch feature for reverse mowing efficiency.


  • Expensive repairing.
  • Does not last long on excessive mowing tasks.


These are some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to electric riding lawn mowers.

Is the cut quality the same as gas engines?

Gas engine powered lawn mowers are usually known for accurate and precise cutting over a short time. So most of the people get confused about getting the same performance and service while choosing the electric lawn mowers. Nowadays, quality electronic lawn mowers are designed in a way to match the performance of the gas engine powered ones. They ensure accurate and precise height length of cutting covering a larger area with better noise reduction control.

How well do electric riding mowers turn?

 If you are lawn mowing quite a few times, you know well how challenging it is to turn the lawn mowers. With electric lawn mowers, it gets easier to turn the mower to cut in a different direction. It does not cut in the same area. The quality ones deliver cutting precision to the length with easier direction turning. It depends a lot on the speed and configuration of the electric mowers how efficiently it turns while on power. It is essential to control and turn the mower properly to get the better result in different outcomes and specifications. With the electric zero-turn mower specification, you might miss some small spots that require additional observation for weed clearance, cutting, and shaping. The turning radius of the mower defines how much area it is going to need for taking a turn.

Are electric riding mowers fast?

The standard speed of the electric riding lawn mower varies from 3-8 mph. The more the speed of the electric riding mower is, the faster you can cut the grass instead of the obstacles, sloppy and rough terrain situation. But the problem with the extended speed mower is that it drains the charge and batteries pretty quickly. That’s why many lawn mowers dial the speed down of the mower to an optimal level to operate the mower for a longer time. Moreover, excessive speed of the mower while cutting through the obstacle may affect the blade quality of the mower. That is why it is suggested to operate the mower at optimal speed like five mph to get efficient cutting without draining the batteries of the electric riding mowers. Once you get accustomed to the speed, you can change the frequency of speed to check the draining effects of the batteries, and the mowers cutting performance, precision at different grounds and surfaces

What is the run time of the battery?

 The runtime of the battery refers to the operating time of the electric mowers at single battery recharge. With the runtime of the battery, you can easily measure the mowing coverage area, the amount of grass cutting with one charge. If you need help on choosing the right zero turn mower, check out our best zero turn mower guide here!