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Riding Lawn Mowers

Riding lawn mowers are the best option for homeowners that have a yard that normally takes more than 30 minutes to mow with a standard push mower.The Mow Master knows from experience that students who purchase riding lawn mowers end up much more satisfied with their lawn, and with plenty of free time to enjoy the other things that bring them joy in life. That being said, there are many questions that commonly get asked about riding lawn mowers when buyers are trying to decide which mowers are right for their yard.

How long do riding lawn mowers last?

It’s not unusual to see a riding lawn mower last anywhere from eight to 10 years with the correct amount of maintenance and care. Some riding lawn mowers get a life rating in the form of “hours of service” rather than actual years of ownership. Many manufacturers of cheaper mowers will only rate their product with a service life of around 200 hours or fewer, without critical repair or maintenance. Other pricier riding lawn mower brands guarantee a service life of 500 hours or beyond, making them a worthwhile investment if you intend to be regularly mowing your lawn.

How much are riding lawn mowers?

Like any product, there is a wide degree of variability in the cost of a riding lawn mower. The Mow Master recommends choosing a riding lawn mower that is medianly priced, while you’ll find riding lawn mowers that are priced around $1,000 on the low end and up to $3,000 at the pricier end for something outfitted with foam filled tires. When you consider that the riding lawn mower is a sturdy piece of landscaping machinery, it’s not hard to see why the cost of ownership would be more than your standard push mower.

When do riding lawn mowers go on sale?

This is a common question that always shows up in the Mow Dojo’s mailbox! The seasonality of riding lawn mower prices depends widely on the area that you live in, mainly because riding lawn mowers tend to cost more during the spring and summer rather than the fall and winter. Depending on what part of the world you live in, your fall or winter season may be the best time to purchase, as riding lawn mowers go on sale usually in the colder months of the year. Manufacturers expect that people will be less interested in purchasing a riding lawn mower during these months, since there is usually less need to actually mow their lawn.

However, the sale pricing isn’t always a tremendous deal, depending on the manufacturer and the retailer. It’s worth keeping your eyes on, but probably not essential to purchase at a sale point.

Where to buy riding lawn mowers?

As luck would have it, the bigger brands and warehouses have access to a wider array of riding lawn mower inventory and at a more affordable price.

You’ll find most of the mowers we recommend to have competitive prices at the following retailers:

Depending on the brand of riding lawn mower, you may find that there is a better deal at one or the other.

While the Mow Master does his best to provide the optimal price recommendation for each riding lawn mower, he always encourages his students to do their own research as well!

Choosing a riding lawn mower

There are so many different factors to consider when choosing a riding lawn mower, but it’s helpful to keep it to the essentials.

Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself:

If you are just getting started looking at riding lawn mowers, the Mow Master highly recommends starting with his guide of the best riding lawn mower for 2019.

And of course, if you are an aspiring student in the art of mow and need a guiding voice — you can always reach out to the Mow Master directly with your questions.

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