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Lawn Tractor Battery

Battery-powered mowers and tractors save time and do not involve much effort. Also, these do not need to be connected to a power outlet; the user can take it as far as they want. So the right lawn tractor battery makes all the difference. However, changing the battery can be a bit tricky.

Best Lawn Tractor Battery

If you have a lawn tractor at home and are thinking about changing the battery, then there are a few things that you need to know. First, finding the best lawn tractor battery is not always easily done. If you have a great battery and want to change it out, then a little background research can be very helpful. So, the Mow Master is here with the best tips that you are going to need while changing the battery.

Finding the right battery

Batteries of riding lawn mowers are a very sensitive purchase. There are many things that you need to consider before buying the battery because it can damage the tractor if you end up choosing the wrong one. Here, are some things to be looking for that you will find helpful.


The first thing that you need to consider while buying the lawn tractor battery is the voltage. Most users run up against the question of how to charge a lawn tractor battery. The first thing to consider is going to be the voltage of the battery.

The lawn tractor battery voltage will tell you how much current flows through the battery when powered on. Typically, the normal voltage of the lawn tractor battery is around 12 volts.

Before purchasing the battery, it is important to know this key requirement of your tractor battery.

Lawn Tractor Battery Size and Terminal Position

Each battery not only comes in different voltages but different sizes as well. There are different sizes of batteries. There are also some key differences in the terminal positions of the battery to pay attention to.

Depending on the position of the terminal there are two main types of batteries, one is U1 and U1R. U1 has positive terminals on the left side and U1R has positive terminals on the right side.

This is important because the length of the battery cables depends on it.

How Long Should a Lawn Tractor Battery last?

So, how long should a lawn tractor battery last? The answer is dependent on how well you take care of the battery. This means that the better you maintain the battery, the longer it will go. Cold temperatures and moisture-ridden environments can be detrimental to your battery.Sometimes the battery lives up to 5 years but this is will depend greatly on the riding lawn mower user and their riding lawn mower’s power consumption.

After replacing the battery with a new one, the first year goes smoothly, but the second year is more crucial. This means that you need to take better care of the battery from the second year onward.

Replacing the battery

One the right side you’ll see these situations when you need to replace the battery of your lawn tractor or mower. Apart from this, your battery should be in good health and do not need changing.

However, most batteries need care and regular charging to keep up good health.

Still don’t have a riding lawn mower for the season ahead? Sometimes they can be cost-prohibitive. But we’ve put together a list to show you the best riding lawn mower for the money. Happy mowing!

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